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    Welcome Baoji Fairy Titanium Industry Co.Ltd

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    Baoji Fairy Titanium Industry Co.Ltd


    +86 18791798690

    +86 18791798690
    Contacts:Mrs Wang
    Phone:+86 18791798690
    Address:Gaoxin 11th Road, Baoji,?Shaanxi ,China
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        We, Baoji Fairy Titanium Industry Co., Ltd focus on sourcing, stocking and supplying titanium and corrosion-resistant alloys materials and products of various grades, we have ware house in Baoji, Shaanxi Province. We have in-house capability to do value-addition on these materials like band-saw cutting, turning, milling, polishing, water jet cutting etc. and also can perform all specialized UT testing and qualification on the material. In addition to supplying raw materials, we also have capability to machine and drilling parts for industry applications.

       Our value addition capabilities are very unique and it encompasses among other things, carrying out critical testing (both in-house and external), Sizing, Fabrication/Manufacturing, Special processing/treatment etc, materials like titanium and titanium alloy plate, titanium foil, titanium forging parts, titanium flange, titanium disk, titanium tube sheet, titanium target, titanium dish end, titanium mesh, titanium welding wire, titanium fittings, titanium shaft sleeve, titanium fasteners, titanium clad plate and other nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, zirconium corrosion resistant materials are delivered to customer of different sectors like

       Oil & gas Industries

       Petrochemical industries

       Power plants

       Marine industries

       Chemical Industry

       Water treatment industry


       Process Industries



       Our team of expert and experienced engineers can provide technical support and consultancy to related industries, you can benefit from professional service.

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    Contacts:Mrs Wang Phone:+86 18791798690 Email:fairytitanium@163.com
    Address:Gaoxin 11th Road, Baoji,?Shaanxi ,China

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